Jikei Gakuen COM Group Study in Japan



Jikei Gakuen provides creative courses for international students based around the principles of innovation, creativity and leadership and tried to help students realize their dreams while expanding their worldviews in a multicultural, collaborative environment. International students must pass Japanese language proficiency tests to enroll in Jikei Gakuen’s wide variety of courses.


  • Address 3-14-8 Nishi-Kasai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 134-0088 JAPAN
  • Phone 03-5679-5644
  • Emailjcic@jikeicom.jp
  • Websitehttp://www.jikei.asia/com/en/index.html
  • Category Acting, Animation, Ballet, Choreography, Contemporary Dance, Contemporary Music, Cosmetology, Costume Design, Culinary Arts, Dance, Design, Drawing, Event Management, Film Studies, Filmmaking, Game Art, Game Design, Gospel Music, Graphic Arts, Illustration, Jazz Dance, Lighting, Make-up for Performance, Mixed Media, Motion Graphics Design, Movie Production, Music, Music Managment, Music Production, New Media, Performing Arts, Singing, Sound and Music Production, Sound and Music Technology, Stage Production, Theater, Theatre Production and Design, Traditional Musical Instruments, Visual Arts, Voice Acting, Web Design
  • Location Japan


Jikei Gakuen COM Group Study in Japan
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Jikei Gakuen COM Group Study in Japan
  • By Jennifer Norris
  • Email: hellenicinternationalstudies@gmail.com

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Jikei Gakuen COM Group Study in Japan
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Jikei Gakuen COM Group Study in Japan

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    Jikei Gakuen COM Group Study in Japan